Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Wing Chun uses both defensive and offensive techniques simultaneously. This idea stems from the economy of motion aspect of Wing Chun. Counter offensive simultaneous strikes are used instead of wasting movement, spending unnecessary energy and allowing your opponent to track your movement.

Wing Chun is a yielding art with brutal attacks to vital areas of an opponent’s body; allowing the average individual to successfully survive an encounter without having to be in extreme athletic condition.

As a practical fighting system, Wing Chun is effective in the modern world due to the close range of engagement and uncomplicated techniques that a practitioner can execute in a relatively short time of training.


Wing Chun is a Southern style Kung Fu developed in the Southern Shaolin Temple in China.
Yip Man was the first Wing Chun Sifu to openly teach the art.
We are 5th generation instructors on the Yip Man lineage; stemming from his first Hong Kong student, Leung Sheung, and certified under the late Sifu Kevin Eric Becker.

Head shot of Grand Master Yip Man lee-wing_yip-man_leung-sheung_jpg

Wing Chun Level 10 Full Certified Instructors